Sculpted with Kisses

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Clay Kisses is a polymer clay jewelry line by local clay sculptor, Ardis Laville. In keeping with its slogan "Sculpted with kisses", this jewelry line is crafted to embrace the wearer with confidence and love. Clay Kisses' unique Caribbean flair is meant for the woman who knows not every bold statement needs words.



Featured Collection


Meet the maker

Hello lovelies! Welcome to my shop. My name is Ardis and I'm the sculptor and face behind these special polymer clay kisses. I've always been an art-lover and connected with my creative self at a young age, through dance. I quickly embraced fine arts, falling in love with acrylics and the idea of transforming blank canvases into something unique. It didn't stop there! After a couple of years of being immersed in a love-hate relationship with epoxy resin, I knew I had to find another avenue to create that I felt was safer for me and my family. Along came polymer clay, and I was hooked! Molding has opened my eyes and heart, to the endless possibilities of self expression. Art has embraced me and sculptings has allowed me to share with all of you. I hope these pieces embrace you with kisses and bring out the best in you as creating them has done for me!

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